Stable. Customizable. Battle-tested. Cost-effective.

Utilizing modern hardware in its kiosks and readers, CORE engineers have delivered a cashless solution that’s less expensive to install and maintain, is easy to customize, and provides a significant, immediate return on investment. These are the pillars of a CORE solution:

Recent changes by credit card processors means that merchants without EMV-certified terminals may be liable for certain types of fraud.

The good news: CORE's Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) solution works at both your POS stations and kiosks using "Chip-and-PIN" certified equipment to protect your transactions. Click the link below to find out more about how CORE can help your ready your business for this major liability shift.

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Paydia® is the next generation of card and wristband readers. They utilize the latest hardware, which means that Paydia® is wifi-ready. It is easily customized. It requires less installation overhead.

Paydia® card readers currently handle thousands of cashless transactions every day at some of the planet's largest Entertainment Centers, Attractions, Cruise Ships, and Theme Parks. There are three models, and you can order them right here.

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The Paydia® Kiosk is the update to CORE'S venerable AT kiosk. Built on the same stable foundation, the new Paydia® Kiosk implements EMV credit card processing, a 22-inch customizable touchscreen, and faster hardware.

What's more, the kiosk is deployable in multiple configurations, including outdoor and vertical options. To learn more about kiosk configurations and discounts available only to online visitors, click the link below.

"Adopting CORE Cashless technology at The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has streamlined our rides, games, attractions and arcade operations. Revenue reporting is now quick and efficient. Most importantly, guests had no problem when we switched from tokens, tickets and cash to our new MyBoardwalk Card."

Holly Miller. Director of Technical Services, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Amusement Parks

Use online tools to sell tickets and season passes. Control admission and manage access to rides, arcades, and midway games. Limit employee activities. Run promotions and set up pricing tiers however you see fit.

Family Entertainment Centers

Allow operation of unattended game rooms, complete with snack bars. Group booking capability. Prize redemption. The ability to run specials and promotions. CORE's solutions can be customized to meet the needs of any FEC environment.

Resorts and Cruise Ships

From bow to stern, CORE can provide guests with a single card for all activity: room access, laundry service, attractions, and dining. Cards can restrict access to specific areas or age groups. Reducing onsite cash reduces opportunities for theft.

Stadiums and Venues

CORE can help facilitate every aspect of venue operation, from online ticketing, to access control, to concession sales. Real-time reports provide insights into attendance numbers, and into high-volume concession areas.

Water Parks

CORE solutions allow guests to load an account using a Paydia® kiosk, then pay using a waterproof wristband. Nothing to carry, nothing to lose on the way down the slides! CORE solutions power some of the country's most iconic waterparks, such as Waldermeer Park and Cowabunga Bay.

Restaurants and Sports Bars

If your restaurant or bar includes games - dart boards, pool tables, video games - you're leaving money on the table if you're not using a cashless system. Fortunately, CORE offers a turnkey solution that will immediately boost revenue. And what's more, the results are guaranteed.

The Paydia® Reader. Four options. Endless possibilities.

Paydia® NXS
"Swiper" model
call for special pricing

Uses cards with magnetic stripes

Amusement Parks

Family Entertainment Centers

Uses cards with bar codes

Paydia® NXP
"Scanner/Presentation" model
call for special pricing

Uses wristbands

Theme Parks

Water Parks

Uses mobile phones

Paydia® NXR
"Radio Frequency" model
call for discounts

Most flexible, most advanced reader

Easy payment, access control, time play

Any cashless operation

Cards, wristbands, mobile devices

Paydia® Handheld
available for pre-order
limited availability

Scanning on the go

Barcode or RFID

Always-on battery chargers

Cards or wristbands

"When everyone is promising a dependable product, Core Cashless delivers. And their desire for your success doesn't stop there. The customer support is awesome. That's why we have been with them for 11 years, and looking forward to many more."

Kevin Kauffman, Adventure Park USA