How to Boost Attendance at Your Theme Park

Summer tends to be a busy time of year for the amusement park industry, but many theme parks reported sluggish attendance last summer. Some of this can likely be attributed to record heat waves over the summer months, but there were likely other factors at play.

4 Ways to Improve Theme Park Attendance

If attendance at your theme park hasn’t been as high as you would like, there is something you can do about it. Listed below are four ways you can boost foot traffic and keep your theme park busy year-round.

1. Continue to add new rides

Your theme park needs to have exciting attractions that will draw in new visitors regularly. One of the best ways to do this is by adding new rides, or by upgrading and improving the rides you have.

Of course, not every theme park will have the budget for this. But even updating the signs and improving your park’s landscaping can go a long way toward making it more appealing. The goal is to create an inviting park environment that guests will want to visit.

2. Offer enticing promotions

If you Google “how to save money at theme parks,” roughly 37 million search results will pop up. If your guests feel like they got a great deal, they’ll have a more favorable impression of your theme park.

There are a number of enticing promotions you can offer your guests that won’t hurt your company’s bottom line too much. Offer multi-day passes for guests that want to visit more than once.

You can also offer exclusive promotions to customers than follow your park on social media. Get creative when it comes to park promotions and provide occasional discounts your guests will get excited about.

3. Improve the guest experience

Take a look around your park and ask yourself, “Would I be excited to visit this theme park?” If not, pick out three areas that could be updated to improve the guest experience. Here are some ideas of where you can start:

  • Make sure the restrooms are clean and stocked.
  • Optimize the flow of traffic, so there aren’t enormous crowds of people standing around.
  • Make sure your employees are friendly and helpful.
  • Make sure that maps of the park are easily accessible.
  • Check to ensure that popular park attractions are well labeled with signs.

4. Reduce lines with cashless payment options

For guests, there is nothing worse than spending hours waiting in long lines under the hot sun. Even the most enthusiastic park-goer will start having second thoughts in this scenario.

One of the best ways to improve your park’s operational efficiencies is by incorporating cashless payment systems. Cashless cards or wristbands allow guests to pay for their food and entertainment quickly. Cashless payment options move people through the lines faster and create a better customer experience overall.

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To your success!

Written by: Brian Johnson