CORE Cashless featured in PlayMeter Cover Story; Paydia Formally Introduced

The April 2013 issue of PlayMeter spotlights Cashless Technologies “Coming of Age”. CORE was featured as one of the major industry leaders and CORE’s own Wes Hedrick contributed to the expert opinions on cashless payments systems:

“We believe that the future of cashless is here today. Our new technology is answering the questions that customers don’t know how to ask about how their business works.”

Also in the issue was the first advertisement for Paydia, a new generation of products from CORE Cashless. The Paydia Mobile App will be released later this month and will be available to current and future CORE users. The app will allow customers to use their smartphone as a payment credential and a mobile point of sale. Customers can charge up their cashless accounts directly from the Paydia app, meaning their is no need to wait in line at a register or kiosk.

Check out the digital copy of the magazine here: www.playmeter.com

Below is the text from the article:

CORE Cashless was founded in 1996 (then called Applied Resources Inc.). We officially began as CORE Cashless in 2007.

Our technology has its roots in the arcade and gaming industry. CORE first developed its revenue management systems and card readers to operate in environments that require tight controls and efficient points of sale. This has been the key to our success because we have used our countless industry experiences to hone the ideas and function of CORE cashless payment systems to the benefit of our clients. Our current plans are to build on our tradition as pioneers in the cashless world by developing the next generation of cashless products and services.

CORE’s Total Park Solution™ is a one-of-kind product that was built to the specifications of the Amusement and Recreation industries. Whereas many other companies offer part(s) of what we do, we currently offer the most comprehensive cashless system on the market. Through our experiences, we have observed and learned from the common challenges that park operators deal with. We have worked to provide solutions for everything from Admissions to Employee Tracking; from Ride Access to Ride Control; from QR Code Services to Mobile Payments. CORE Total Park Solutions™ is exactly that; it is an award winning, one-stop-shop for every revenue management function you could ever want for your park.

One key feature of the CORE system is its high level of security. We currently offer a PCI-compliant POS Suite that can help any operator fortify their customer data. Furthermore, cashless systems have an inherent level of security that far surpasses that of traditional cash or debit card systems. CORE systems allow operators to see their equipment, devices and transactions in both real-time and in a customized reporting format. This insight gives our customers a true advantage when making decisions about their own product. According to CORE Sr. Director of Product Development Wes Hedrick: “We believe that the future of cashless is here today. Our new technology is answering the questions today that customers don’t know to ask about how their business works.”

CORE’s software and hardware is installed in over 350 sites around the world. Among many others, we currently support cashless revenue management systems for Palace Entertainment, Sea World, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Fun Spot Attraction Parks.