CORE Cashless and Smarte Carte share success at Asian Attraction Expo

CORE Cashless and Smarte Carte at AAE

Combining the best in cashless and rental payment technologies, CORE Cashless and Smarte Carte impressed the international crowd at the Asian Amusement Expo (AAE) sponsored by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

CORE Cashless and Smarte Carte demonstrated their co-developed Locker Link system, the first fully networked self-service locker solution available to the amusement and waterpark industry. Locker Link features a functional wristband dispensing kiosk that can accept credit cards, cashless payment cards, coupons, or regular bills.

Once guests go to access their locker, wristbands intelligently link to and open the closest available unit. Parks can use the lockers at individual rides or for full day use. Best of all, Locker Link can be integrated with the parks’ online ticketing and season pass systems. For more information, visit (www.COREcashless.com/locker-link) and (www.smartecarte.com).