4 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

For e-commerce retailers, there’s nothing worse than getting a customer to your site only to lose them after they’ve already added items to their cart. Unfortunately, cart abandonment is the norm for most online retailers.

On average, you’ll lose 68% of your sales to cart abandonment. That means for every 100 customers who visit your site intending to make a purchase, 68 of them will add items to their cart and then leave.

Fortunately, there are some simple tweaks you can make to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Eliminate surprises

The most common reason customers abandon their carts is because of unexpected shipping costs or fees. So to eliminate any surprise charges, you have to ensure that customers know what they’re paying for before they reach the checkout page.

So let’s say you can’t afford to offer free shipping or you need to add on a sales tax or a site customization charge of some sort. That’s fine, you just need to make sure your customers know about it before they look at the shopping cart.

The best way to do this is by clearly advertising all fees on the product pages. And you can even install a plugin on your website that will automatically calculate the shipping rate for the customer.

Follow up with cart abandonment emails

If a customer abandons their cart and you have their email address, you can follow up with an email. Set up an email series that will contact them a couple of times over the next day.

You can offer them a discount if they return and finish their order. Or you can notify them about how many items are left in the store and that they need to act now. The point is, contact them with a clear call to action to motivate the customer to finish the sale.

Let new customers check out as guests

I commend you for wanting to gather data about new customers. However, if you want to close the sale, don’t make new customers create an account. Give them the option to checkout as a guest.

Creating a customer account slows down the checkout process because this requires that they enter a lot of information. Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to ordering online so let them check out as a guest.

Once they’ve completed the purchase, you can prompt them to set up a customer account. And they’ll be more inclined to do so once they’ve tried and loved your product.

Speed up the checkout process

That leads nicely into my final point which is that the checkout process should be as fast a possible. Get rid of any unnecessary pages that will discourage your customer from completing the sale.

You can also speed up the checkout process by accepting a variety of payment options. Nobody likes getting to the final check out page only to find that you don’t accept Discover or American Express.

And finally, give customers the option to save their payment information. This increases the likelihood that they will make future purchases from you and reduces friction in future transactions.

To your success!

Brian Johnson

Written by, Brian Johnson

Sr. Director, Business Development