4 Ways Going Cashless Improves Your Guest Experience

For families, few things are more fun than visiting a water park or theme park. But do you know what kills the experience for many people? Having to carry around a credit card or worrying about their belongings while they’re trying to enjoy the rides.

Last year, my wife and kids visited a water park that didn’t offer any cashless options. And once they got there, they realized there were no lockers available either.

My wife ended up leaving her purse on a chair hidden underneath a few towels, hoping no one would take anything. Fortunately, no one did.

But guests shouldn’t have to choose between enjoying their stay and keeping their items secure. Imagine how much better the experience would have been if that waterpark offered cashless payment options to its guests.

How Going Cashless Improves the Customer Experience

Going cashless is one of the best ways theme park owners can improve the experience for their guests. Instead of trying to figure out where to store their wallet, guests can wear a waterproof wristband that’s linked to a customer payment account.

They’re free to enjoy the ride without having to constantly monitor their belongings. Here are three ways cashless theme parks improve the experience for your guests:

  • Convenience: RFID wristbands allow guests to link their payment info to a customer account. So every time that customer goes to make a purchase, employees just scan their wristband.

This means there’s no paying with cash or keeping track of receipts. This provides a more convenient experience for your guests and most likely, your customers will end up spending more.

  • Safety: Wristbands are difficult to replicate so this can cut down on gatecrashers at your park. This allows your employees to have more control over who is coming and going from the park.

Plus, guests don’t have to worry about losing anything important. If a wristband accidentally falls off, guests can report it and the old one can be instantly deactivated. This is a much easier problem to solve than if a guest loses their credit card at your park.

  • Reduced wait times: The worst part of visiting a theme park is the time you spend waiting in line. Guest spend a lot of time waiting to purchase their tickets, to order food or beverages, and ride the rides. This experience is even worse when you add managing/controlling kids to the mix.

Cashless payments don’t eliminate all waiting but it does cut it down quite a bit. Instead of rummaging through their purse looking for their wallet, your guests can just scan their wristbands and go.

Going Cashless is Better for Businesses

Cashless options don’t just improve the experience for your guests, they also make it easier for you to do your job. By improving the transaction speed, your park ends up earning more money.

By reducing the amount of cash employees have to handle, you minimize the likelihood of fraud and human error. And by implementing barcode or RFID wristbands, you gain better data on your customers. This helps you continue to improve the guest experience, marketing to your guests which can drive more revenue in the future.

To your success!

Brian Johnson
Written by Brian Johnson

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