4 Tips for Optimizing Mobile Payments

Smartphones and technology are a daily part of our lives and daily activities continue to get easier as a result. For instance, you can have your groceries delivered instead of spending hours shopping on a Saturday at your local grocery store.

You can order a book on Amazon and have it delivered to your home the next day. That is if you still even read books anymore as opposed to the instant and convenient delivery of the Kindle and Audible options available.

We can now get On-Demand fast food satisfaction delivered to our home or office via services like DoorDash and GrubHub. We can even purchase tickets to sporting events and purchase game day wearable merchandise to pick up during the event at the retail store inside the stadium.

The point I’m trying to make is that if your business isn’t making life easier for your customers then you’re going to miss out on a lot of revenue and future opportunities.

How to Optimize Mobile Payments for Customers

So how do you make an experience easier for your customers? Well, one way to look at it is to stop making life difficult. One of the most common ways businesses make things unintentionally difficult is with their mobile payments. Some of the tips below are to help you determine if you’re unintentionally making life more difficult for your customers and how to offer them an experience they’ve come to expect.

This is especially true if you’re struggling to convert mobile customers. If so, here are four improvements you can make.

Offer one-click payments

Once your customers begin the checkout process, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to complete it. The more time you give them to think about the purchase, the more likely it is they’ll abandon their shopping cart and you’ll miss out on the sale.

One of the best ways to simplify the checkout process is with tokenization. This allows you to securely store a customer’s payment information through an encrypted token. Customers can make one-click payments and store their information for future purchases.

Accept a variety of payment methods

We’re presented with nearly endless options throughout our day so don’t limit the number of payment options for your customers. Nobody likes to begin the checkout process only to find out you don’t accept their chosen payment method.

Of course, this goes beyond just accepting Visa and Mastercard. You should also give customers the option to pay with PayPal, digital wallets, debit cards, and more. And be sure to offer International options like Alipay and WeChat pay for potential global customers.

Prevent fraud

Mobile payments tend to be more secure than other types of payments, but fraud can still happen if you don’t implement the right security measures. And if it does happen, it will most certainly damage your reputation and could cost your business a lot of money.

Make sure you choose a secure mobile payment gateway, authenticate mobile transactions, and take other necessary security measures. Also, be mindful that some customers are very concerned about online security so make sure you display any fraud prevention measures your business takes.

Encourage customer loyalty

If your customers pay via a mobile app, then you’re receiving valuable data on all your customers. You can use this data as an opportunity to increase customer loyalty. Companies like Amazon and Starbucks do this with loyalty programs for their customers.

When Starbucks customers pay through the app, they earn points that can be used toward free drinks. Then the company will randomly offer their customers additional points if they shop during certain hours or buy certain products.

The point is that convenience alone isn’t going to be enough to help you stand out in a crowded market. Customers expect to receive personalized service and they expect that when they engage with you via mobile that you’ll be making their life easier, not more difficult and mobile payments make it easier for you to deliver this expectation.

To your success!

Brian Johnson
Written by Brian Johnson

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