4 Reasons to Use RFID Wristbands At Your Next Event

If you regularly host events, then at some point, you’ll want to consider using RFID wristbands. These wristbands are popular in the event planning industry and are frequently used at music festivals and theme parks, as well.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and these wristbands come with an electronic chip inside. When guests scan the chip, they can pay for their tickets, food, and drinks instantly. This saves your guests from having to dig through their wallets for cash or run next door to the ATM.

4 Reasons to Use RFID Wristbands

So how do you know if RFID technology is the right choice for your next event? Here are four benefits you should consider:

  1. Faster transactions: If you’re looking for ways to speed up your operations, then cashless payments are the way to go. According to research done by American Express, cashless payments are 63% faster than cash payments. This will cut down on lines and improve the overall guest experience.
  2. Cut down on fraud: RFID wristbands are a great way to cut down on fraud at your events. If your attendees aren’t carrying around wads of cash, then there won’t be much to steal. RFID technology is secure, and once the wristband is deactivated, the payment system is disabled, as well.
  3. Increase your revenue: RFID wristbands can help you increase the income earned at events. Data shows that the average customer transaction is 20% to 30% higher with cashless payments.
  4. Obtain data on your attendees: Utilizing cashless payments will help you gain more data about your guests and event. You can see how many people attended the event, what the average transaction was, and what items were the most popular. This data will help you plan more efficiently for your next event.

How to Get Started

If you’re on the fence about using RFID wristbands, don’t be. When done right, this cashless payment method will improve the overall experience for your guests, cut down on staff members, and help you boost your revenue. Plus, it will give you the data you need to plan and improve your next event.

However, if you’re new to RFID technology, you want to make sure you partner with a vendor that knows what they’re doing. Here is a brief overview of the type of systems you’ll need in place:

  • A way to activate the wristbands
  • A kiosk to add more money if necessary
  • Staff on hand to help if anything goes wrong with the technology

And it takes some time to get the infrastructure in place, so you’ll want to get started on this process well in advance. If you need help incorporating cashless payment systems for your next event, get in touch and let us know how we can help.

To your success!

Written by Brian Johnson